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“ELDA - Analyzing the European Local Development Agent” is project financed by a Leonardo da Vinci grant inside the Lifelong Learning Program of European Union. It is promoted by PRONEXUS Non-profit Association of Local Development Agents, an accredited training organization operating in Calabria with the partnership of Association for Regional Cooperation SWR Polish Development Agency thatoperates in the Silesian region and Alto Fuste – CONSULTORIA E GESTÃO AGRÁRIA, LDA an accredited training organization operating in the town of Vila Real, Douro Region, Portugal.
The project starts from the different meanings the profession of local development agent takes in Europe. In fact, local development agents play multiple roles at different organizational levels and deal with the elaboration, implementation and assessment of local development policies within the public and private system.
The partnership, in order to answer to this need, will produce, by june 2011 a PORTFOLIO of the Local Development Agent competences allowing to go beyond the current incomprehensibility of this job profile and, above all, to assess skills, starting from their use in the various working contexts and recognising, at the same time, informal and non-formal learning.
The results of this project will be the basis for a medium-term planning of training modules which are adequate and consistent with the real needs of local development agencies.

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